Here's just a small sampling of the work I’ve had the joy of working on over the years.

From startups to Fortune 500s, I’ve seen a lot in the realm of marketing requests. Whether it's branding and logo development or implementation management, I’ve worked hard to bring a positive passion to each and every one of my client's requests.



Partner with Microsoft Research to help plan, develop and manage the marketing deliverables for their annual Faculty Summit event, which hosts the top academics and researchers from around the world.


Brand development: logo, tagline, brand voice, guidelines
Website: build, manage creation of digital assets, content
Social: create digital assets, post and monitor
Blog: manage and edit blog posts associated with event (pre, during and post)
Live Streaming: produce live video feed during event, on demand viewing post-event
Video Production: Develop and produce promo videos and research in focus segments for live stream show

CLIENT: Microsoft Research

EVENT DATES: July 2013 - 2017, August 2018, July 2019



Partner with a new subscription-based cycling nutrition company to help launch their business.


Brand development; logo and tagline, brand voice, brand guidelines
Website: design and build eCommerce site
Social: design, write and post
Packaging: design and produce packaging for "Packs"
Events: design and produce materials for trade shows, including booth design, collateral and signage.

CLIENT: Ziklos (closed in 2016)


Partner with Microsoft Research Cambridge to develop and produce an outreach video summarizing their Joint Research Center with Inria (the French National Research Institute for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics). 


Video Production: Develop, produce, edit and post video. 
Digital Assets: Develop all digital assets, post-video for website and blog
Blog: Manage and edit blog post to amplify the story

CLIENT: Microsoft Research


Fostering collaboration: the Swiss Joint Research Center
How interns impact research at Microsoft (short version)
Project Malmo - Enabling AI technology that can collaborate with humans
Opening new doors of communication for sign language users


  • HIGH-TECH // Microsoft Research, Microsoft Data Centers, Microsoft Developer Marketing, Microsoft Azure Hardware Group, Microsoft AI and Advanced Architectures

  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES // Simplicity Consulting

  • WIRELESS // Nextel Partners, Clearwire, Sprint, AT&T, Novatel Wireless (now, Inseego), Microsoft Windows Phone

  • CRUISE INDUSTRY // Windstar Cruises, Holland America Line, Carnival Corporation

  • HEALTH CARE // Blue Shield of California, Group Health (now Kaiser)

  • BOUTIQUE // Vixen Collection

  • COMMUNITY // Magnolia Chamber of Commerce